Quick Step Flooring - supplied and fitted by Northern Flooring

What is a laminate floor?

A laminate floor is a layered floorQuick-Step Laminate Flooring - supplied and fitted by Northern Flooring built around a watertight, glued High Density Fibre (HDF) board. All Quick-Step laminate floors consist of four different layers:

1. A transparent, wear-resistant overlay

This top layer makes your Quick-Step floor resistant to stains, wear, impact, scratches, burns and household chemicals. It consists of several melamine layers that are pressed onto the HDF core board in a press, under high pressure and temperature. The surface layer is finished with a wood or tile texture/structure that is called ‘registered-embossed’. This means that this surface structure is perfectly in harmony with the design.

2. A design layer

This is the layer that defines the actual look of your floor. The design layer is a very high resolution photo of real wood or tiles that is reproduced with highly sophisticated printing techniques and finished with melamine resin. The combination of perfect design and surface structure makes the wood or tile imitation look extremely real and natural.

3. A moisture resistant glued HDF core board

This HDF core board is the heart of a Quick-Step Laminate floor. HDF means ‘High Density Fibre Board’. It consists of refined wood fibres and high quality melamine resin. It is a re-composed wood-fibre board which allows using all part of the tree. The board is very homogenous in composition and technical characteristics. It’s extremely durable, stable and highly moisture resistant.

4. A balancing layer

This moisture-resistant backing layer guarantees a perfectly balanced board that will not cup or bow when properly installed and maintained.

QuickStep Parquet Flooring - supplied and fitted by Northern Flooring
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Quick-Step Laminate

Quick Step - Laminate - supplied and fitted by Northern Flooring

What is Laminate?

Quick-Step Laminate floors are layered floors built around a watertight, glued High Density Fibre Board. Laminate floors are available in a near-endless variety of designs and colours – based on highly accurate representation of wood, ceramics, stone, etc.

Why choose Laminate?

1. It’s solid

Thanks to its top-quality High Density Fibre core and Scratch Guard top layer, a Laminate floor offers excellent protection against falling objects, high heels, etc.

2. It’s scratch resistant

The ultra-protective Scratch Guard layer makes a Quick-Step Laminate floor up to 10 times more resistant to micro scratches than a floor without Scratch Guard.

3. It’s easy to maintain

Laminate is really easy to keep clean. Thanks to the sealed surface, dirt can’t accumulate.

4. There’s plenty of choice

Planks or tiles. Wide or small. Modern or traditional. The options are near-endless. There’s a Laminate floor for every room – even your bathroom – and every budget.

5. It’s eco-friendly

With Laminate, you are bringing an eco-friendly floor into your home. The wood used to manufacture the HDF core comes from sustainably managed forests.

Quick-Step Parquet

Quick Step - Parquet - supplied and fitted by Northern Flooring

What is Parquet?

Quick-Step Parquet is made up of three layers of real wood. Thanks to the careful selection of raw materials and a sophisticated manufacturing process, hard wood floors are very stable and durable.

Why choose Parquet?

1. It’s truly natural

If you like warmth and authenticity in your interior, nothing surpasses a truly natural hard wood floor. Its exceptional beauty will give you a lifetime of pleasure.

2. It comes with a lifetime of warranty

You can enjoy a Parquet floor for as long as you like. They’re designed with so much dedication and know-how that they come with up to a lifetime of warranty.

3. It’s very stable

The carefully engineered layers of Quick-Step Parquet floors ensure excellent durability and stability over time. The perfect orientation of these various layers absorbs stress and strain and keeps contraction and expansion to an absolute minimum.

4. It’s pre-finished

Unlike other wood floors, Quick-Step Parquet doesn’t require any post-installation work. No need for sanding; no mess with dust; and no varnishing, oiling or painting. You can enjoy your new floor as soon as it’s installed.

5. It’s easy to install

Installing a Parquet floor is a breeze thanks to the patented Uniclic Multifit click system.

Quick-Step Livyn

What is Livyn?

Quick-Step Livyn is a comfortable and high-quality floor that combines the look & feel of natural wood with all the practical benefits of vinyl tiles.

Why choose Livyn?

1. It’s waterproof

Livyn is made of high-quality vinyl. Each Livyn floor is 100% waterproof and therefore ideal for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

2. It’s quiet

A Livyn luxury vinyl floor feels very nice and is quiet and comfortable to walk on. As such, it reduces step noise and increases the comfort of your home.

3. It’s strong

Its strong and durable surface layer makes Livyn flooring ideal for spaces that are used intensively.

4. It’s thin

Livyn flooring is thin and flexible, so it can easily be laid on top of an existing, floor. Moreover, Livyn is a perfect companion for underfloor heating/cooling.

5. It’s easy to maintain

Livyn vinyl flooring comes with a sealed surface and a protective PU coating to prevent dirt and stains. Coffee, fruit juice or jam: you can simply wipe them away!